hey, welcome to FLXXFIT!

Founded in 2015 we set out on a mission to find minimal and stylish activewear that was cute, high quality and affordable, sadly we found this a struggle. Everything we saw in the market was over designed and not our vibe, one bit. So we decided to create the pieces we wanted to wear!

Our goal was to create activewear that was empowering, make you look and feel great and actually fit every BODY.

Fast forward 5 years later we’ve created a fast growing community centred on loyal support, customer service, and quality driven activewear that is based on what you wish existed.

We’re built on the key principles of minimal, fashion led design, that’s both high quality and affordable, that fits well and makes you feel and look great while performing at the highest level…or getting your afternoon coffee!

Now we’ve introduced ourselves, take a look around, try us on, and never take us off. xoxo